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PostSubject: Burnedface   Burnedface EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 4:50 pm

Name- Burnedface
Age- 23 moons
Gender- She-Cat
Rank- Warrior
Clan- ThunderClan
Color/Description- A long furred she-cat with white fur. Pretty short but not very dramatic. Her distinguishing factors is how her face was burned so she has no fur on the side of her face. Also, she is missing an eye on the burned side of her face. Her other eye is a soft green though.
Personality- Quiet, depressed, shy, lonely, weaker, etc.
Crush- None
Mate- None
Kits- None
Family/History- When she was a newly made warrior, she was caught in a fire that blazed through camp. Her left side of her face was burned and she lost her eye. It is a hideous sight but was respected for her bravery, saving a kit in that fire.
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