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 Ashstar and Flamekit

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PostSubject: Ashstar and Flamekit   Ashstar and Flamekit EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 10:44 am

Name- Ashstar
Age- 35 moons
Gender- Tom
Rank- Leader
Clan- WindClan
Color/Description- An ash grey tom with short, not so handsome fur. He has dull blue eyes, not very beautiful. All around, he is not so handsome but beyond that unattractive exterior, he is an outstanding car inside. Pretty skinny yet has hidden features of strength and power. Very fast and quick though.
Personality- A natural born leader. He posses strength, power, speed, wisdom, boldness, bravery, vey strategic, yet he tires easily and has a weakness: fighting. His hunting is superb and is probably around the Clans best hunter but he can't sum up enough courage to fight other cats. But, he does buy it causes WindClan to lose. This fault is what makes him a weak leader.
Crush- None.]
Mate- None
Kits- None
Family/History- Nothing exactly interesting. He was elected leader by accident. The leader before him was sick and the deputy just died. She picked him randomly and the Clan was ferious but he stood by her choice and knew his leadership will be hard.

Name- Flamekit (Snoweh)
Age- Newborn
Gender- She-Cat
Rank- Kit
Clan- WindClan
Color/Description- A fawn/pale tortoiseshell. She is a Siamese twin so her shoulder down her flank is connected with her twin sister. She has bright blue eyes and she is exactly like her counter part.
Personality- Angry, outspoken, sharp tounged, hateful, quick to think, hates life, etc.
Crush- None
Mate- None
Kits- None
Family/History- She is a Siamese twin and looks exactly like her counterpart. Being an identical twin, her and her sister look the exact same. Because of how they are linked together, they have a difficult time moving around so they have to work together to move.
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Ashstar and Flamekit
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