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 ThunderClan Territory

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PostSubject: Re: ThunderClan Territory   ThunderClan Territory - Page 4 EmptyWed Aug 22, 2012 10:50 am

Timberpelt's eyes flickered over at Lightningpaw as she asked him a question, and was about to open his mouth and reply. It snapped shut immediatly when Brokencreek appeared though, and a frown appeared on his face. I know you dislike my way of moving around in life... But it's not need to be so suspicious for that reason. He thought bitterly, not really liking the fact that he seemed hated by the deputy. "Caught a crow. Could kill it on my own, snagged my claw while trying to hold it down and Burnedface came to my aid and helped me out." he explained, quite simply and neatly, with no further discussion. Flicking his tail he looked at the two with a determination glowering in his eyes.

"Did you catch something?" he asked, studying the two. They were somewhat alike, although he could see several differences that made it obvious they didn't have a closer relationship.
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PostSubject: Re: ThunderClan Territory   ThunderClan Territory - Page 4 EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 6:21 pm

Brokencreek nodded briskly and looked at his paw. "Get a medicine cat to check that out." she meowed and padded away, leaping into the undergrowth.

Lightningpaw looked after Brokencreek, sorrow glazing her eyes. She'd be a lot happier if she had a mate. She looked back at Timberpelt her eyes regaining their sparkle. "Oh don't mind Brokencreek she's just lonely." She meowed and smiled at Timberpelt. "You going to continue to hunt? If so do you mind if I accompany you?" She asked, looking quickly at the tom's muscled shoulders before glancing away, wishing that the tom wasn't taken by Burnedface while at the same time wishing to meet a tom apprentice.
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ThunderClan Territory
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