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 Warriors Heart Rules

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PostSubject: Warriors Heart Rules   Warriors Heart Rules EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 4:21 pm

Hello users! I am Snoweh and this topic has to be one of the most important topics that our forum has. It is the rules topic. I know you may feel bored with this but it is very important you learn these rules so our site can be a fun and happy place to just have fun with Warriors! I will keep these rules short and sweet and to the point so you wont lose interest but they are very important if you wish to have fun! Good luck!

1. No swearing at all! This means that you are forbidden to use any language that is not approperiate for a child under the age of 9 years old. We want to keep this forum a fun, safe child friendly enviroment. Here is a question that you may ponder, "Did the cats in the books ever sware?"

2. No back-talking the moderators or administrators. They are not paid and spend a lot of their time and energy for the well being of our forum. Please treat them kindly. The Staff word is law so you may disagree with something they order but you must oblige.

3. No all caps in a post. You may use a few words in caps. That means you cannot have posts with all caps. Full sentences of all caps may or may not be ignored so be warned. Example: HEY SNOWEH!! HOW ARE YOU? IT IS NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! Is not accepted and will be deleted and you will possibly be warned.

4. No inappropriate posts! If something you wish to post is above PG13, then accepted an automatic permanaent banning. This will not be tolerated for our site is a family friendly site.

5. No stealing other peoples work. This includes art work, writing, character forms, posts, topics, plots, etc. If you are found guilty of theft, accepted some major punishments depending on the degree.

6. When Roleplaying, follow the rules for that RP. The person may have certain rules that they want you to follow. All RP's are accepted to follow the site rules but some add their own rules you must follow.

7. Think before you post. If think your post may be offensive or hurtful to some one then don't post it or say beforehand that this post may not suit some of the viewers. Any type of bullying, harrasing, cyberbullying, etc will result in an automatic permanent banning and you may have a lawsuit on your hands because this is illegal! All participants of this will be perma banned. If you witness these attacks, immediantly report the user(s) involved and stay out of it. Staff will deal with this situation!

8. You must be at least 9 years old to join. If you are below 9 and really want to join, please email me and we can sort it out because some of the topics here are PG-13. It is possible to join if you are younger if you show maturity and decent writing skills. I do not discriminate age.

9. No asking to be a moderator or administrator because you will be denied. When we get more members and the applications to become moderator are open, you may then PM me an application to become a moderator. Also, if you ask, it lessons your chance of being a staff member...

10. Never ask or share personal information. We would like everyone to be safe. If you are found to have shared or asked for personal information, all participants will be permanently banned. This is completely unsafe. You do not know what kind fo people have joined this site!

12. Treat others the way you want to be treated is the golden rules here and everywhere. Please follow it so conflict does not outbreak. If this turns out of involve cyberbullying, expect to be permanently banned.

13. If you do not post that a topic is a spoiler and it ruins someone else's knowledge and they are upset about it, please be aware that, that is a forum crime.

Thank you all for reading this and the most important thing is to have fun and be safe! ^.^
(I have the right to change any rules at anytime without notice.)
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Warriors Heart Rules
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